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The Trumpet's Call was a light freighter used by the Rebel Alliance in the Mid Rim. After falling under attack from the Galactic Empire, the ship's life support systems failed and most of the crew suffocated. Afterwards it was boarded and taken over by the Empire. Disguised as rebels, the boarding team navigated to a rendezvous point of the Alliance in the Elochar sector and requested help from the Thunderstrike. After they had brought all the survivors on the Thunderstrikeusing a shuttle, Brand went on board of the Trumpet's Call and checked the board computer for anomalies.[1]

There was nothing conspicious but when she finished the crew list Brand realized that none of the survivors looked like the profiles in the list. The disguised Imperial boarding team took over control of the Thunderstrike and contacted the Star Destroyer Herald, which appeared shortly afterwards. But Brand managed to take back the bridge and jump into hyperspace before the Herald could destroy the ship.[1]


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