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This article is about the young Ming Po woman. You may be looking for the Human Jedi Initiate of the same name.

Tryla was a Ming Po female from the planet Carlac and the granddaughter of her people's chieftain, Pieter.


"We were kidnapped from a nearby town. We are a simple people. We trust easily, and we were betrayed."

Tryla is stabbed by Pre Vizsla

Tryla was kidnapped by Pre Vizsla and the Death Watch when they chose the neutral world of Carlac for their base. She was taken to the Mandalorians' camp and forced to serve the troops as a mere servant. While there, she befriended Ahsoka Tano, unaware that she was a Jedi. When her grandfather demanded the return of the women of his village, Vizsla agreed to the request, but immediately after returning Tryla to her grandfather, she was stabbed in the back by the Darksaber.[2]



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