Tsillog was a male Quarren ambassador who participated in peace negotiations between the Quarren and the Mon Calamari. After months of discussion between the two sides, Tsillog traveled to the planet Coruscant to meet with the Mon Calamari ambassador Nuukol, and they developed a peace accord. To outline the proposals to their respective peoples, Tsillog planned to hold a press conference outside the Quarren embassy, while Nuukol would hold a similar conference outside the Mon Calamari embassy. However, Nuukol believed that Tsillog was not committed to developing a lasting peace between the two species, so the Mon Calamari ambassador hired the Rodian Loodux to assassinate Tsillog, hoping that Tsillog would be replaced by a more committed ambassador. However, a group of agents defeated Loodux and thwarted the attempt on Tsillog's life.


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