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Tub was a member of the Lurmen that colonized the planet Maridun, and a close friend of Wag Too.


When first encountering the hostile Amanin after the Lurmen colony ship had landed on Maridun, Tub assisted Tee Watt Kaa in carrying out gifts to show their benevolent nature, to no avail. He managed to mimick the characteristic roll of the Amanin and escaped to the safety of the ship.

Tub was one of the colonists who survived the initial period of surviving on the planet, after blasting off in their escape pod and finding materials to build habitats, and lived in the Lurmen village for some time.

Possessing the talent of a scout, Tub was secretly sent by Too to track Jedi Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Aayla Secura, and clone trooper commanders Bly and Rex after they were cast away by Kaa, the village elder, and make sure they escaped the planet.

Witnessing the destruction of the new Separatist weapon, Tub sent his pet carrier butterfly to warn the village of the impending danger. Later, during the battle, Tub was one of the Lurmen that rose up and fought against the invaders, and ultimately survived the battle.