Tuden Sal was a male Sakiyan who lived as a restaurant owner and associate of Black Sun and other smugglers on Coruscant in the decade prior to the Clone Wars.


In 32 BBY, he met with friend of Lorn Pavan as a information dealer who supplied him with information that allowed him to keep his license in a tight spot. When Pavan became involved in Trade Federation officer Hath Monchar's plot to sell details of the impending Trade Federation blockade of Naboo and knew he would not survive the ordeal, he entrusted his droid I-5YQ to Sal. Sal, who had long coveted the droid, quickly wiped I-Five's memory with the intent of reprogramming it. Before the reprogramming could occur, however, Sal was ruined financially in a hostile takeover backed by then-Senator Palpatine. Sal liquidated all of his remaining assets, including I-Five who was sold to a spice smuggler. Sal later met I-5YQ again, when the droid was with Jax Pavan.

In 18 BBY, following the Galactic Empire's establishment, Sal later joined the Whiplash as an operative and spawned an ill-fated plot to assassinate Emperor Palpatine. He was killed after he shot Kalibar Droosh until the Imperial officer gave Sal a fatal wound as well.

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