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An artifact created by the Sith Lord Tulak Hord was one of a set of five Sith artifacts that he used to conquer the Dromund system. The artifact was recovered around 3643 BBY by the group of pirates of the Sky Princess. It began affecting the crew and first mate Sylas Wilkes led a mutiny against the captain Andronikos Revel, ejecting him in an escape pod. Eventually Wilkes joned up with the Exchange on Tatooine and Andronikos, who did time in an Imperial prison, allowing Darth Zash to learn about the artifact, followed him to the planet. Wilkes set out fifteen of his men with the artifact and a shipment of blasters for their boss, but the the artifact drove the group mad, and they fled into the Dune Sea. As the artifact's influence over them grew, they were picked off one by one by either the Sand People or themselves. The last survivul Pall and decided to bring the artifact to a Sand People campsite as a peace offering, but was killed as soon as he got there. The the apprentice of Darth Zash recovered the arifact from his body, and Zash later combined it with four other artifacts to perform the Transfer essence ritual in the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas.[1]

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Tulak Hord's artifact on Tatooine appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic during the Sith Inquisitor class mission.


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