"Oh, dear boy. I'm already famous. But one can always be more famous."
―Tunga Arpagion, to Luke Skywalker[src]

Tunga Arpagion was a male Clawdite shapeshifter agent who was known to be a professional actor and impersonator. He was recruited by the Alliance to Restore the Republic for a mission they undertook on Mon Cala.


"Tunga Arpagion. A Clawdite with a reputation…"
"Am I?"
―Leia Organa and Tunga Arpagion[src]

A Clawdite shapeshifter, Arpagion gained a reputation for the various acts of impersonation he had achieved, such as playing the role of the late Thespus-V for a week after she died before anyone noticed.[1] At some point, he was caught and imprisoned by Dex Acquisitions, who planned to hand the Clawdite over to the Galactic Empire in exchange for a reward.[2]


"There's a suitable asset…but you'll need to extract him."
―Davits Draven, to Leia Organa[src]

Tunga Arpagion is rescued by Leia Organa

As part of her mission to recruit the fleet of the Mon Calamari into the Rebel Alliance, Leia Organa planned to kidnap[2] Tan Hubi,[1] Moff of the Calamari sector, in order to use his bio-signature to access the facility where the Mon Calamari king, Lee-Char, was being held. When bringing the idea before the Alliance High Command, General Davits Draven suggested Arpagion, who was being held at the Dex Acquisitions Depot on Meor Ain. Organa led her team on a mission to rescue Arpagion, tricking her way into the facility by pretending that she had been captured by Chewbacca. After the Wookiee had knocked the guards unconscious, Luke Skywalker cut the cell door's panel off with his lightsaber, allowing Chewbacca to break the door down. Organa and her team entered the cell to find Arpagion, who was in the form of Bail Organa. Leia saw through the disguise, and punched Arpagion, who reverted back into his regular form. Organa stunned Arpagion with her blaster, and Chewbacca carried him out of the prison[2] and back to the Millennium Falcon.[1]

Assisting the RebellionEdit

"This is Tan Hubi. He's the Moff of the Mon Calamari sector. We need you to impersonate him for a few hours."
―Leia Organa, to Tunga Arpagion[src]
Two Hubis

Tunga Arpagion transforms into Tan Hubi

Once he was aboard the Falcon, Organa showed Arpagion a hologram of Hubi, asking if he could impersonate the Moff for several hours. Arpagion stated that he could, but would be unable to impersonate him while on duty. Organa told Arpagion that it would not be necessary, due to a performance at the Moncaladrome which Hubi would be attending. Arpagion asked why Organa needed the Moff, but the details of the mission were confidential until he accepted. After Arpagion accepted the job, the team went to Mon Cala, where Arpagion stayed in a cave with Leia, waiting until the Moff had been captured. Han Solo and Chewbacca managed to kidnap the Moff, and brought him to Arpagion, who studied his appearance and voice. As Hubi yelled out, Arpagion transformed into him, repeating his words back to him. Appearing exactly like Moff Hubi, Arpagion headed for the Moncaladrome as Organa's team took the Moff to Strokill Prime.[1]

The arrival of 'Hubi' was announced by C-3PO, and Arpagion entered the Moncaladrome, waving to the crowd. He sat between Queen Trios and Regent Urtya, and watched the Mon Calamari opera. C-3PO informed Arpagion that his entrance was out of character for the Moff, but he disregarded it, asking the protocol droid to translate the show for him. During an intermission, Arpagion answered several questions under the guise of the Moff. The second half of the show started, and Arpagion returned to his seat. As he pretended to be Hubi, Organa and her team had successfully broken into the Imperial facility on Strokill Prime using the real Moff's bio-signature.[3]

When the opera ended before Organa's team had given an all-clear, Arpagion took the stage with C-3PO and R2-D2, beginning a recital from the poet Moobian Tax to buy them some time. On Strokill Prime, the real Moff activated an button in Lee-Char's cell, alerting several stormtroopers to the fact that the Moff on Mon Cala was an impersonator. Stormtroopers burst into the Moncaladrome, announcing that the Hubi on stage was not real, but a sudden light failure allowed Arpagion to escape with the droids. Hiding backstage, Arpagion shape-shifted into a Mon Calamari, disguising the droids in colorful costumes. They slipped back into the chaos, escaping the Moncaladrome. Arpagion and the droids, no longer disguised, met back up with the rest of the team, but they were confronted by Regent Urtya, who demanded to take the recording that Organa had made of Lee-Char's last words. With the mission an apparent failure, the team boarded the Falcon and left the planet. As they left, Urtya broadcasted Lee-Char's message to the Mon Calamari ships, causing them to overthrow the Imperials on board. However, Urtya had sent the message too early, and several Imperial-class Star Destroyers entered the system.[4]

Mutiny on Mon Cala

Tunga Arpagion walks into the Cosmatanic Steppes

Aboard the Falcon, Arpagion asked whether Organa could contact her rebel friends, but the Imperials would jam any signals being sent. However, they received a message from Urtya, who had contacted the Rebellion. The Falcon crew watched as a Rebel Alliance fleet arrived above Mon Cala, entering battle against the Imperial forces. Arpagion was shocked when the escape pods from the cruiser Aurora Flare were shot down by the TIE fighters. The Aurora Flare itself was damaged by Admiral Meori's Star Destroyer, causing its cargo of coaxium to explode, damaging the Star Destroyer and allowing the rebel fleet to escape with the Mon Calamari ships. Arpagion was dropped off at the Cosmatanic Steppes, where he thanked Organa, who said that she had not forgiven him for pretending to be her father. Arpagion told her that he'd make it up to her, before walking away from the Falcon. As the Falcon left, Arpagion excitedly thought of the events at Mon Cala as a story to be told, giving it the name "mutiny on Mon Cala".[5]

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