MAS-2xB egwt

MAS-2xB schematics.

A Turbolaser pulsor was a type of turbolaser mounted on the MAS-2xB self-propelled turbolaser platform, which was capable of destroying even the most advanced and sophisticated defense systems.


The turbolaser pulsor used an amplification disc around the turbolaser actuator to focus its energy beam, which had a range stretching from 10 to 30 kilometers and could blast through nearly 20 meters of durasteel, thus giving it the power of the turbolaser of a Star Destroyer. However, the power was so great that its pulsor could fire only once every minute. The pulsor also produced a terrifying roar when firing. To prevent critical meltdowns in combat, four rows of cooling chambers fitted with cryogenic cylinders swept the power core, energy capacitors and the pulsor.