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"These elevators will take us beneath the surface of the planet below."
―Major Rigosso[src]

Turbolifts,[1] also called elevators[2] or simply lifts,[3] were machines used for conveying people and objects to different levels in a building,[4] starship,[5] space station,[6] or even tiered city. Said machine traveled in a shaft that extended vertically, allowing them to move up and down. In the case of a building, a turbolift could be either internal[3] or external to the structure.[4] Toward the end of the Clone Wars, the elevators installed in the Separatist dreadnoughts were cable-borne and equipped with braking mechanisms.[5]

On the planet Coruscant, turbolifts could be used to travel between the many levels of the ecumenopolis. A Human girl named Anandra Milon and her younger brother Santigo Milon once used a turbolift to travel from Level 1997 to Level 1996, as did a stormtrooper who pursued them.[1] For transit to and from Quarzite, the Belugan homeworld, an immense turbolift sped travelers to an orbital space station.[7]



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