Turbostorm-class gunship was a heavily-armored gunship model produced by Santhe/Sienar Technologies, considered ancient by the time of the Clone Wars. The armor could withstand fire as powerful as a Quad laser cannon.


These gunships could carry at least 24 soldiers in their cargo bay; the door to the bay opened by swinging out, serving as a loading ramp. They were armed with port and starboard KX-4 laser cannon turrets, fore and aft MG3 missiles, and a belly-mounted Sunfire 1000.


The Balawai government on Haruun Kal used them in the Summertime War, modifying them for atmospheric flight. Such modifications included turbojets, repulsorlifts, and antisepsis fields to protect them from the world's metal- and silicate-eating fungi. They could only reach speeds of .5 past supersonic, but still included artificial gravity.[1]

The Skipray Blastboat, a craft designed just before the breakout of the Clone Wars, was based heavily on the Turbostorm design.[2]



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