"Paos Adina, Turgot Mynes, Binz Scoty—the list of scavengers who messed up and died of the heat is a long one. I'm not adding my name to it."
―Rey lists Mynes and other casualties of the heat in her journal[src]

Turgot Mynes was an individual who died from the heat of the desert planet Jakku while working there as a scavenger sometime prior to the First Order's attack on the village of Tuanul. Another scavenger named Rey included Mynes alongside Paos Adina and Binz Scoty in a list of scavengers who had messed up and died from the heat in her journal, where she vowed to not meet the same fate.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Turgot Mynes was first mentioned in the replica journal Star Wars: Rey's Survival Guide, which was written by Jason Fry and released in 2015.


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