"Petite and athletic... she had green, mischief-filled eyes and a smile diabolic enough to suggest she'd be a lot of fun in a firefight"
―A description of Altamik.[src]

Turi Altamik was a female Human Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order. She fell prey to a Force psychosis in 44 ABY, and the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances demanded the Jedi Order to turn her over, laying siege to the Jedi Temple. However, she and the other psychotic Knights soon recovered, and after examination by Doctor Thalleus Tharn, were pronounced sane, forcing the government to lift the siege. Later, Altamik took part in the rescue of Valin and Jysella Horn from Galactic Alliance Security Detention Center 81.


In 44 ABY, Altamik came down with a psychosis, brought on by the dark side being Abeloth, which made her believe that everyone she knew had been replaced by impostors. Altamik escaped the Jedi Temple, and although she was soon captured by the Jedi, she was caught on holocam by journalist Javis Tyrr.[1]

Jedi Master Cilghal drew up a report that went into detail about the psychosis in Altamik and fellow Jedi Knight Kunor Bann, believing the rate of Jedi succumbing to the psychosis was accelerating. The Galactic Alliance, meanwhile, ordered that the Jedi release Altamik and Sothais Saar—a Chev Jedi who had recently succumbed to the same psychosis—to government custody. Acting Grand Master Kenth Hamner refused the directive, which resulted in Chief of State Natasi Daala ordering a Mandalorian siege of the Jedi Temple. When the Jedi Council sent Hamner's aide, Kani Asari, out to negotiate with the Mandalorians, Belok Rhal, the commander of the Mandalorian siege, noted that Kani was neither Altamik nor Saar and shot her on sight, killing her instantly. Despite the violence, the Jedi still refused to turn over the two psychotic Knights.[1]

Before long, however, Luke Skywalker completed his mission to defeat Abeloth, apparently killing her and thus instantly ending Altamik's psychosis.[1] However, Luke soon discovered that Abeloth had not been killed and suspected that by being wounded and weakened she had lost her control over the Jedi Knights' minds.[2]

Altamik and Saar were brought out before to the Jedi Temple steps, where Daala's chosen doctor, Thalleus Tharn, examined them. Tharn pronounced them to be cured, and Daala lifted the siege, although she refused to release the Horn siblings from carbonite. Soon thereafter, Altamik was one of many formerly psychosis-afflicted Jedi to participate in the rescue of Valin and Jysella Horn. She piloted a disguised Cygnus-7 armored transport which served as "Team Saav'etu"'s and "Team Solo"'s primary escape vehicle. Hapan Security officer Taryn Zel used the vehicle's ion cannon to ward off pursuing GAS speeders during the raid.[2]


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