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Turk was the proper name of an Imperial stormtrooper stationed at an outpost on Krake's Planet. Turk had a close working relationship with another trooper named Grotto, but more often than not found himself telling his friend to "Shaddup". When Darth Vader learned that Luke Skywalker had infiltrated the base in order to steal vital information concerning the identity of an agent named Shira Brie, he ordered Turk and Grotto to seize him "dead or alive." Turk's unit found Skywalker downloading information from a databank in the kitchen area of the base and opened fire on him. Luke and his friend Chewbacca retaliated by attacking the troopers directly. Grotto opened fire on Skywalker, but Luke grabbed Turk and used him as a shield against Grotto's blaster fire, killing Turk.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Turk was created by Marvel Comics writer, David Michelinie.

Turk and Grotto were lampoons of two other Michelinie characters. In the 1980s, the Marvel Comics series, Daredevil, regularly featured two incompetent snitches named Turk and Grotto who frequently found themselves staring into the business-end of Daredevil’s billy-club. Like his Stormtrooper counterpart, Turk was often telling Grotto to "Shaddup".


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