Turren Lonarr was the president of Temporary Droids. He worked on Kashyyyk delivering droids during the Clone Wars.

Lonarr had no love for Wookiees, and his time among Trandoshans further developed his anti-Wookiee feelings. He was asked by a high ranking Trandoshan official to help smuggle Trandoshan hunters onto Kashyyyk. The purpose was to force the Wookiee senator Yarua to return to Kashyyyk, allowing the Trandoshans to ramrod legislation through the Senate in his absence, allowing "limited" logging on Kashyyyk.

Trandoshan saboteur

A Trandoshan saboteur working for Lonarr

To hide his operation, Lonarr was forced to have Wookiee firefighter Rruurrfhurra killed, but was eventually caught and brought to justice.


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