A hundred years after Reidi Artom surveyed the Cularin system, an expedition was mounted to visit Cularin's molten moon, Rennokk. Tusskrek was a member of that expedition. The expedition was attacked by a lava creature. Tusskrek was the only member of the party to escape, though the creature did manage to damage the ship. Tusskrek was accused of making up the lava creature to cover for his own faulty piloting.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Living Force Campaign Guide describes in two places an expedition to Rennokk a hundred years after Reidi Artom. In both instances, the party was attacked by a lava creature, and there was one survivor—a reptilian humanoid—who nobody believed, but that survivor changed. In one instance, it was a Trandoshan named Tusskrek, and in the other, it was a Tarasin named Kum'Jushkin.