Tuttin IV was a planet located within the Tuttin system of the Inner Rim, one of the Six Local Systems.


When the Galactic Empire took over Tuttin IV, Tendis Ancum and his wife Jioie Ancum left the planet with Tet Tramys to work for the Rebellion on Beltrix III. They left their son Ryley Ancum behind in the care of Shran Etison, the local Imperial Governor.

Ryley arranged a personal meeting with Rebel Agent Keth Beamis concerning an Imperial shipment of heavy metals. The duo were captured and jailed overnight. Beamis consumed an affide crystal to commit suicide during interrogation. Due to his protection from Etison, Ryley was released the following morning.

The inhabitants of the planet often joined smashball teams, b'ssa nuuvu bands, or dusk bands for entertainment. The Empire backed the nominally independent Tuttin System Security Force. Tuttin Tech-Ed was on the planet.



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