«In all of Wookiee history, a vendetta was never canceled. Not once. But I did it…»

Tvrrdko was a male Wookiee and the father of Tojjevvuk.


Tvrrdko desired revenge when Chewbacca killed his son after Tojjevvuk used his claws in a duel with him. After Order 66 was executed during the Clone Wars and Chewbacca was captured, Tvrrdko sold him to a Trandoshan slaver named Ssoh. In one Ssoh's ships cells, Chewbacca allied with other Wookiees, took over the ship, and brutally maimed Ssoh. Around that time, he rescued Wookiee children that belonged to Tvrrdko's clan, ending the feud between them. Tvrrdko showed his gratefulness to Chewbacca by carving a portrait of Chewbacca into a large Wroshyr tree on Kashyyyk after the famous Wookiee's death.



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