The Twelfth Pius Dea Crusade was a religious crusade launched by the Pius Dea-controlled Galactic Republic against the Zarracines of Zarracina III and the Teirasans of Teirasa that occurred in 11,660 BBY. The crusade ended with a Republic bombardment of Zarracina III and the near extinction of the Zarracine species.

The crusadeEdit

When the planet Zarracina III was discovered by the Galactic Republic in 11,660 BBY, the Republic forces attempted to conquer the native Zarracines. However, the Zarracines resisted the Pius Dea-controlled government's attempt, and in response the Republic bombarded the planet's surface. The attack drove the Zarracines to extinction and irradiated the planet's surface, destroying all life.[2]

The Republic's attack provoked outrage across much of the galaxy, and the Teirasans of the planet Teirasa expressed significant anger with the Republic. The Teirasans' response caused Pius Dea to strike out at the Teirasans as well, starting another crusade. Republic forces launched against Teirasa from Ord Dorlass and Ord Zynthar, battling the Teirasans to an unknown outcome.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Destruction of Zarracina III, part of the Twelfth Pius Dea Crusade, first appeared in the story Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Praji.[2] The crusade was further expanded upon in the 2012 reference guide The Essential Guide to Warfare.[1]


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