Twenty-First Battle of Zehava

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"Tomorrow will commence the Twenty-First Battle of Zehava. It will doom our Daan enemies to destruction once and for all, and we shall achieve glorious victory. We shall recapture the city that we founded a thousand years ago. All Melida will live in peace."
―Captain Quintama's hologram[src]

The Twenty-First Battle of Zehava occurred circa 94 BBY. It was one of the many struggles of the Melida/Daan Civil War on the planet of Melida/Daan and centered over control of the city of Zehava. In the battle, the Melida tried to recapture the city of Zehava that was captured by the Daan during one of the previous battles. During the battle, Captain Quintama was killed. It is possible that the Daan won that battle, because Pinani, the widow of Quintama, later participated in a raid on the city of Bin to avenge the Battle of Zehava.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Based on Qui-Gon's statement that Quintama's weapon is fifty years old
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