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The Twi'lek Ark was a golden artifact from the planet Ryloth.


The Twi'lek Ark was a rectangular box plated with gold. On the bottom of the box, four rings were attached, through which two poles were put. People would carry the ark using those poles. Attached to the lid were two sculpted Twi'leks facing one another.[1]


Clone WarsEdit


The Ark being transported

The Twi'lek Ark was a treasure of the Twi'leks of Ryloth. During the Separtists' Droid Army's withdrawal from Ryloth, Confederate leader Emir Wat Tambor had his forces take the ark. It was then taken to Lessu, where it was loaded onto Tambor's shuttle. The ark then left with the shuttle when Tambor's tactical droid, TA-175 decided to leave without the Emir.[1]

Age of the EmpireEdit

Following the establishment of the Galactic Empire,[3] the ark was then seized by the Empire. It was then placed aboard a class four container transport.[2]


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