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The Twi'lek Dancer was a CEC Barloz-class freighter that had a number of owners through the years.

Originally known as the Harvest it was owned by an agricultural combine. The ship was later re-named the Venom Sting, customized and used by the Tiss'shar bounty hunter Xufal D'uat until his death. The ship was then salvaged by a mining station and sold to a cell of Thalassian slavers, who renamed it Twi'lek Dancer, re-customized it and used it in their raids. The ship was then requised by pirates and sold to a legitimate trader of used ships.


Barloz-class Medium Freighter

A Barloz-class freighter like the Twi'lek Dancer (not pictured).

This Barloz-class freighter built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation was originally bought by an agricultural combine in the Tion Hegemony. The owners called the ship Harvest and used it for a time, until they earned enough money to buy an YT-1300 light freighter. They decided to sell the Harvest at this point.[1]

The Harvest was bought by Xufal D'uat, a bounty hunter of Tiss'shar species. D'uat re-named the ship Venom Sting and performed several modifications first on a limited scope and later covering the whole ship, allowing him to fight any intrusion in his headquarters.[1]

For three years, D'uat operated the Venom Sting near the planet Elrood. During this time, he found an Imperial officer, Hamaz, who also worked as a gunrunner for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. D'uat holorecorded a confession from Hamaz and let him go, which allowed the Tiss'shar to blackmail Hamaz. However, this also earned D'uat an enemy: Hamaz arranged D'uat's successful murder.[1]

After D'uat's death, the Venom Sting drifted in space, with the holorecording safely hidden behind the autochef power system in an access panel in the galley. The ship was eventually recovered by a mining station affiliated to Tagge Company[1]

The Venom Sting was then auctioned and bought by a cell of Thalassian slavers, who re-named the ship Twi'lek Dancer. After discovering D'uat's customizations, the slavers used the Dancer as a picket defense ship and assault gunboat in their raids. They also improved sublight engines and shielding systems, and they added three proton torpedo launchers and one tractor beam.[1]

Eventually, the slavers were jumped by some pirates, who requised the Dancer and, using a false enterprise, sold it to a dealer in used ship.[1]

A holojournalist and former slave, mistakenly believing that the Dancer was still affiliated with the Thalassians, was trying to track the ship to expose the evil of its owners.[1]


D'uat performed several modifications to the ship, commonly starting in only a part of it. For instance, he turned one of the cabins into a magna-sealed cell with shock-filaments in the floor to administer stun charges to his prisoners. The cell's life support was also filled with null gas canisters to knock down the prisoners. Those customizations were later applied to the whole ship.[1]

D'uat also added specialized technology to detect any intruder in his ship, interior defense system, an onboard fire-fighting matrix and a long-range communication array allowing him to see movement and thermal readings on his ship. He also had a hidden compartment behind an small access panel, behind the autochef power system, in the galley; D'uat used it to hide a holorecording allowing him to blackmail Hamaz. No further owner of the ship found this at least until the legitimate dealer with whom the pirates dealt.[1]

The Thalassian slavers improved the sublight speed and the shields, as well as adding three torpedo launchers and one tractor beam.[1]


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