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Twi'leks, occasionally referred to as Rylothians, were a tall humanoid species whose most striking feature was a pair of long tentacles protruding from their skull. They hailed from the planet of Ryloth, in the Outer Rim Territories, and female Twi'lek were often exported offworld as slaves.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Twi'leks were a species of tall humanoids whose skin spanned a vast array of colors,[2] including white, green,[4] pink,[6] blue,[3] purple,[7] and red.[8] Their most distinctive feature was the pair of prehensile tentacles that sprouted from the base of their skulls,[2] known as lekku, or headtails. Although Twi'leks normally had two of those tentacles,[1] some individuals had four of them.[3]

The species had two sexes, male and female. While males had ears with lobes resembling that of humans, females had cone-shaped hearing organs.[32]

Twi'leks were usually thin,[2] although corpulent individuals were known to exist.[31] Under normal circumstances, they had a higher body temperature than other humanoid species.[8]

Society and cultureEdit

The Twi'leks had a language of their own, called Twi'leki, which combined verbal sounds and an elaborate sign language using their lekku.[1]


The homeworld of the Twi'leks was Ryloth, a planet of harsh extremes situated in the Outer Rim Territories. That world was part of the Galactic Republic, a democratic union that governed most of the galaxy. During the Clone Wars, Ryloth was occupied by the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Twi'lek resistance movement arose to combat the Separatists, led by Cham Syndulla and assisted by the Galactic Republic.[5] Years later, during the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Twi'lek Resistance was destroyed and Ryloth fell to the Empire,[33] becoming an Imperial protectorate.[14]

Twi'leks in the galaxyEdit

Since female Twi'leks were regarded as graceful and beautiful beings, many of them were forced into a life of slavery at the hands of the galaxy's wealthy and powerful.[2] Other Twi'leks, however, found themselves in positions of power; Bib Fortuna served as the majordomo to the crime lord Jabba the Hutt for decades,[18] Aayla Secura was a Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order,[28] and Senator Orn Free Taa represented his homeworld Ryloth in the Galactic Republic's Senate and later the Imperial Senate.[31]


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