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Twi'leki,[2] also known as Ryl,[3] was a language spoken by Twi'leks from Ryloth.[2] It combined verbal sounds and an elaborate sign language using the Twi'lek's head-tails, called lekku. That sign language allowed the Twi'leks to communicate complete concepts without having to pronounce a single word. Raising the tip of one's right lek meant "Hello!", while dipping the tip of one's left lek meant "Goodbye!" By crossing over both lekku tips twice, a Twi'lek meant to say "I love you." Both lekku tips jabbed into the speaker's back were to be understood as "May spice salt your wounds!"[4]

The Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi could understand Twi'leki, as demonstrated by his conversing with Numa.[1]

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  • Nerra - brother[1]
  • Chini, wachamio! - Come, let's go!
  • Nu nala quinjon wilo? - Do you know where the prisoners are?



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