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"The Twilight Jumper is a fine example of your basic Ghtroc Industries class 720 freighter."
Fiz Cor'gril on the Twilight Jumper.[src]

Twilight Jumper was a Ghtroc Industries Class 720 freighter which was for sale by the Bith used space transport salesman Fiz Cor'gril.[1]


The Twilight Jumper's specifications were left basically the same of the stock model.[1] However, the constant abuse the ship had suffered over the years made the engines consume fuel around fifty percent faster. Consumables had to be refilled after only a week and the hull was prone to failure.[2]


At one point in history, the ship's hull was so badly damaged, it had to be completely replaced, but was still slightly compromised. All the other systems had been so badly damaged and repaired that the ship was on the verge of breaking apart. This abuse was clearly visible just by looking at the hull.[2]

The Twilight Jumper was put on sale at Fizzi's Slightly Used Ships for AurebeshSans-Serif credit 10,000.[2]


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