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«There are the Twin Suns… two Twi'lek slaves from Ryloth, slaves who killed their Masters and developed a taste for it. They have mastered a dance of death. Very beautiful, very dangerous.»

Twin Suns was the name given to female Twi'lek assassins Seer'aa and Teer'aa, who operated in the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War. Once slaves from Ryloth, they killed their Masters and then became bounty hunters taking the name of Twin Suns. Armed with deadly Twi'lek spinning blades and personal energy shields, they were very beautiful Twi'leks, a trait that they used to their advantage while hunting.

In 3951 BBY, Atton Rand faced them in a cantina when separated from Meetra Surik on Nar Shaddaa, and defeated them. Surik, along with two of her companions, later faced them aboard the Visionary and killed them shortly before it exploded.


Born on Ryloth, Seer'aa and Teer'aa were sold into slavery at a young age. At some point they killed their master, taking their first steps into their career as assassins.[1]

In 3951 BBY,[2] during the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War, the Twin Suns traveled on the Visionary with several other bounty hunters. Goto instructed them to capture the Jedi Exile alive, informing them that her death would not be tolerated.[1]

They successfully tracked down the Exile's companion Atton Rand while Surik was in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr. At first, they tried to get Atton to come with them peacefully, but soon resorted to violence. Atton managed to best them and escape. The outcome of the first encounter angered the duo, so they returned to the Visionary, where they waited for the Exile and her friends. They finally got their chance just as the ship was falling apart. They attempted to kill Surik, but she and two of her companions killed the duo. Their bodies were destroyed when the Visionary exploded.[1]

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Twin Suns appeared, though unnamed, in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords video game. Their names were later revealed by Leland Chee.[3]



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