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"I want to form a new starfighter squadron, if I can put together enough pilots and materiel, and practice some tactics involving the Force. Force based coordination"
―Jaina Solo

The Twin Suns leader was the rank of the leader of a New Republic fighter squadron called the Twin Suns during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Sometimes referred to as Twin Suns One, the Twin Suns leader was responsible for training the Twin Suns as well as making sure they performed orders given to them by high command correctly. He or she was also responsible for the safety of his/her squadron during battle, although if a squadron member lost his or her life or was injured and helping him/her would have put the leader or any other of his/her squadron at risk, he/she was not obliged to do so.

The first Twin Suns Leader was Luke Skywalker, who had named the squadron after the two suns of his home planet, Tatooine, Tatoo 1 and Tatoo 2. During the Borleas Occupation, he handed over leadership of the squadron to Jaina Solo, who took immediate control of it. As Jagged Fel predicted, the Yuuzhan Vong were enraged at the name of her new squadron, believing it to be named as a mock reference to the fact that in Yuuzhan Vong culture, twins had to be sacrificed to the gods by fighting each other to the death because twin births were rare occurrences and they had therefore made her capture and that of her twin brother, Jacen one of their number one priorities. They were further enraged because she was claiming to be the persona of Yun Harla, the trickster goddess and one of the twin gods. From either her stolen Yuuzhan Vong ship, Trickster or her X-wing starfighter she would command the squadron and pass over control to other members such as Voort saBinring and Lowbacca temporarily whenever she had other duties to perform. She would make use of the Force meld whenever there were other Jedi in her squadron. During the months leading up to the battle of Ebaq 9, she spent most of her time training her rookie pilots and preparing them for combat. During the Second Imperium, the squadron was headed by Tobias Sun