Twisted Star Squadron was an elite starfighter squadron that served in the Galactic Alliance's Core Fleet. Composed of Jumpstar HPF starfighters, the squadron made use of the Jumpstar's advanced systems to pursue fleeing enemy ships through hyperspace.

In 130 ABY, Twisted Star Squadron participated in the last major battle of the Alliance's war with the Fel Empire at Caamas. After the Alliance fleet was decimated by the Imperials, the squadron was among those who followed Admiral Gar Stazi as he led a retreat. Twisted Star Squadron continued to serve the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet during the ensuing Imperial Civil War, deployed as scouts who trailed Imperial vessels and ensured the destruction of damaged ships as they fled battle.


Twisted Star Squadron was a Jumpstar HPF starfighter squadron in the service of the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet in 130 ABY, during the Alliance's war with the Fel Empire. As the Galactic Alliance's elite hyperspace pursuit unit, Twisted Star Squadron used the Jumpstar's advanced sensors and computing systems to pursue fleeing ships through hyperspace. After chasing an escaping ship, the squadron would proceed to attack the vessel directly or report their position and call for aid. Twisted Star Squadron was known for the quick thinking of its pilots, a trait that was required to make snap decisions and calculate potential jump positions nearly instantly. The squadron's name was derived from the radical maneuvers that were often required to achieve the correct pursuit vector.[1]

At the Battle of Caamas in 130 ABY, the last major engagement of the Sith-Imperial War, Twisted Star was deployed in anticipation of following damaged Imperial vessels as they fled the combat zone, with the Galactic Alliance believing they were assured victory. The battle did not go to plan, however, and the Alliance fleet was decimated. When Duros Admiral Gar Stazi led an Alliance retreat, Twisted Star Squadron was among the ships that went with him.[1]

During the conflict that followed the Sith-Imperial War, Twisted Star Squadron continued to serve the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet, deployed as scouts who trailed Imperial vessels back to their home ports or rendezvous points. The squadron also ensured that damaged ships were destroyed, surprising enemy vessels when they left hyperspace.[1]

Jumpstar HPF Starfighter

A Jumpstar HPF starfighter


In its role as the Core Fleet's elite hyperspace pursuit unit, Twisted Star Squadron utilized the advanced Jumpstar HPF starfighter. The dual-engine fighter employed one of two methods to track targets through hyperspace. The most reliable method involved tagging the target with a hyperspace tracking device, while the other, less reliable method was to analyze a fleeing ship's departure vector, engine output, and other data to estimate a potential destination. The pilots often had to make educated guesses and assumptions when given a list of possible destinations.[1]

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Twisted Star Squadron was first mentioned in the Wizards of the Coast roleplaying game sourcebook, the Legacy Era Campaign Guide, released on March 17, 2009.


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