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Twitch was a female soldier who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. She was part of the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, commonly known as Twilight Company. After the loss of many senior soldiers and officers, she was put in charge of her own squad. When the Sixty-First was stranded on Sullust, she and her squad joined Hazram Namir and some others as they went down to Pinyumb to find the Sullustan resistance. They fell under attack from Imperial troops and Twitch's squad was killed. When Namir told Twitch to run, she told him to "go to hell" and fled.[1]

Later, in the Siege of Inyusu Tor, she returned to the Sixty-First as they defended the factory of Inyusu Tor from the local ground forces from Pinyumb. The battle went on until the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Herald took internal damage and retreated and the ground forces faced flowing lava from the factory. Twitch survived the battle and continued serving with the Rebellion's Twilight Company.

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