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"Business is just a more satisfying form of war. The battlefields are different, certainly, and the stakes are greater. But the body counts are the same."
―Tyanna Tymb[src]

Tyanna Tymb was the Sullustan Top OpEx of the SoroSuub Corporation's Varada sector holdings.


Tyanna's pale, jowled face appeared cold, cunning, and incredibly intelligent. Her mouse-like ears sat attentively atop her head, widely spaced to catch every sound and nuance of conversation. She had large, expressive eyes which glowed with an inner fire, and her stare had been known to make even a Barabel turn away in fear.


She had a ruthless, no-nonsense, business-is-war approach to any corporate endeavors which had earned her a number of unflattering yet accurate titles that her subordinates called her when they thought she wasn't listening, titles such as the Dark Lady, Tyanna the Tyrant, and Tymb the Despot among others. Of course anyone who slipped and called her one of these titles to her face quickly experienced the full wrath that made her feared throughout the seven systems of the Varada sector. Publicly, she preferred her official title of Top OpEx Tymb, though privately she was fond of the Dark Lady.

Despite her unrelenting business tactics and fierce negotiation style, she did have some positive traits. She would always reward her loyal assistants well, and she did the best she could to correct the horrendous personnel policies of SoroSuub.


Tyanna moved through the SoroSuub Business Academy at lightspeed, and graduated at the top of her class with a bright career ahead of her. Early on she had displayed qualities that would make her the scourge of the corporate community: She used every dirty trick and scare tactic in the SoroSuub datajournal to discredit and eliminate fellow students that were possible competitors, though she made sure that everything she did was perfectly legal and was considered fair by the Academy's hierarchy.

However, there was one student which Tyanna just couldn't shake, and she haunted the Sullustan through every semester. They remained in a dead heat as they were coming up to the final tests for graduation, and it was anyone's guess who would win the battle for position and the department placement. What Tyanna found worse, however, was the fact that her opponent, Alara Fax, was not even a Sullustan but a Human. To lose to a Human in the theater of Sullustan business would be a major disgrace in her mind. So rather than use her traditional methods which had already failed to out Fax, Tyanna instead befriended her and learned everything she could about the Human, then waited to make her move until there were only a few days left at the Academy.

She had found out about the one weakness she had that frustrated Alara to no end; despite being able to negotiate a multi-digit deal better than almost anyone, the intricacies of the Sullustan "marketing tri-icosahedra" theory eluded her no matter how much she studied the textdocs. Tyanna, pretending to want to help her with this problem, offered Alara a data card study aid shortly before the final test came. Hidden in the programming of the card, however, were the actual answers to the tests questions. When the exam started, the hidden programming kicked in and the answers started scrolling across the data pad. Caught supposedly cheating, Alara was expelled from the Academy on the eve of her graduation, and Tyanna's primary opponent was effectively removed from the playing field.

Since her graduation, Tyanna continued to advance quickly. When she was a junior executive, she started striking major deals for SoroSuub and earning them major amounts of credits almost immediately. It wasn't long before the home office decided to use her in the field. In 2 ABY, in the height of the Galactic Civil War, she was assigned the Top OpEx position to handle the SoroSuub facilities in the Varada system.

Though her people threw their support into the New Republic, Tyanna herself had always favored the methods and vast resources held by the Empire. She continued to trade with the remnants of the Empire after the Battle of Endor, simply in a less-visible fashion than before. She had an especially close relationship with Moff Poliff of the Tunka sector and with Captain Fessix of the Star Destroyer Discord. She regularly provided these two individuals with details concerning her Republic customers.

A rival from her past, Alara Fax, returned to compete with her in 4 ABY. When Tyanna purchased the resource and trade rights to the seventh system in the Varada sector, she found one planet and the neighboring asteroid field already under contract to the company which Fax had created, Fax Ventures. For the sake of completeness, and to again beat her rival, Tyanna wanted the corporate rights to the entire system, never mind the rich deposits of Aluminite and Corax Ore waiting to be extracted from the asteroids or the lush jungles of Bestal Three ripe for exploitation. Her goal was to take away Alara's new toy, no matter what methods she had to use. She immediately began scanning textdocs and sending spies to infiltrate Alara's headquarters, though it is not known if she succeeded or not.