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Tyaonon Ranger

The Tyaonan Ranger in space.

The Tyaonon Ranger was one of only nine experimental Stathas-class freighters ever produced. At one time it was owned by Bib Fortuna who used it to smuggle spice for Jabba the Hutt until their smuggling ring was taken down by a Phraetiss system patrol cruiser which seized the ship and took the crew into custody. Somehow the vessel mysteriously disappeared from the impound yard mere days after being logged in. The only lead as to who did this was a Human near the yards just after the Ranger first arrived. He was described as being solidly built and smelled of armudu spice. Apparently this man had sold and then stolen the ship from no less than four people. Sometime before Tealo came into possession of the ship, it was upgraded to have additional hull plating.

When Tealo came into possession of the ship, it only had 10,000 light years on it. He had received it from a quiet Sullustan who had used it to travel the Outer Rim trade routes, and was looking to sell it straight away. Though he did not know the true value of the craft, he had put a price of 25,000 credits on it, without knowing that there was 40,000 credits worth of spice inside the ship in hidden compartments. He eventually managed to sell it to a group of Rebels who discovered that the ships records had been falsified. The previous "owners" of the ship all tried to gain the ship back from the group, especially Jabba who wanted his spice back.