Mrs. Tyerell was a female Aleena and the the wife of professional podracer Ratts Tyerell. She attended the Boonta Eve Classic that was held in 32 BBY, during which she was widowed when Ratts died in a fatal crash. She had recently been released from a local hospital, presumably after giving birth to her youngest son, Doby. Some time following her husband's death, her own brother-in-law sold her daughter, Djulla, into slavery, to be bought by the notorious podracer Sebulba.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mrs. Tyerell appears in the Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace "Complete Podrace Grid Sequence" deleted scene from the film's 2001 DVD release. In the deleted scene, Podrace announcer Fodesinbeed Annodue addresses her as "Mrs. Tyerell."