Tyerle was a strong-willed woman, and the sister of Alliance to Restore the Republic agent Tay Vanis.


A native of Telfrey, in the Iskalon system, Tyerle and her brother left the planet when they lost the rest of their family after a stormtrooper attack in the city. While Tay fled to nearby Iskalon, Tyerle went to Questal with her husband, Rogan, trying to escape from the pressures of the Empire.

Rogan and Tyerle settled in Questal, but it was discovered that the planet was rich in Ardanium, which increased local crime and Imperial attention. Questal was occupied by the Empire, which instated Moff Bandor as its ruler. Rogan started resistance cells to oppose Bandor.

However, Bandor managed to capture Rogan and tortured him with a Hurlothrumbic Generator. Scared, Tyerle asked his brother Tay, by then a Rebel Alliance agent, for help. Vanis tried his best to rescue Rogan, but was himself captured and similarly tortured.

A group of Rebel agents were then sent to rescue both Rogan and Tay Vanis. They managed to do so, and even capture Bandor in the process. Both Tay and Rogan were mindless at the beginning, but they recovered, in part thanks to Tyerle's love.