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"I have seen many contests with the sc'rath on my Togoria. Hunters and warriors are very skilled with their blades. Master smiths can perform feats with their blades that I have neither seen nor heard of anywhere else in the galaxy."
―Agent Tynan Ryln Mei, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

Tynan Ryln Mei was a Togorian criminal and Rebel Alliance intelligence agent.


A native of Togoria and an aficionado watcher of sc'rath duel, she eventually left her world and became a Rebel-aligned privateer and smuggler. Mei provided Rebel cells in Imperial worlds with supplies and weapons. During this time, she was also revealed to be an excellent fighter.[1]

On 1 BBY, she joined Alliance Intelligence; and in 2 ABY she became a member of starfighter unit Storm Squadron. She was also a member of the Rebel Alliance Task Force on Alliance Security; in that role, she wrote a report on Mlatar Thon Gra, a Togorian who was a threat to the Rebel Alliance. Mei specified that Gra was a great weaponsmith and swordmaster, and that he would attack unprepared enemies.[1]


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