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Typhoon was a group of 4 Escort shuttles that were used by the Ripoblus during the Sepan Civil War.


Used by the Ripoblus during the Sepan Civil War, the Escort shuttles participated in the Second Battle of the Sepan system during the Imperial campaign lead by Admiral Harkov to pacify the war. During the battle Ripoblus refugees, consisting of scientists in a stolen System patrol craft Glas, and technicians in two shuttles Nazaar. The Ripoblus had been trying to intercept the fleeing refugees with the Dimok forces not far behind. However Harkov granted asylum to refugees and escorted the ships to the Victory class destroyer Protector. By the time the Escort Shuttles had arrived Glas had docked with the Protector and the scientists were on board, the ship was then sent on autopilot to drift of into space. The Shuttles were intercepted and with the help of the Protector's turbolasers and TIE Interceptors, one of which piloted by Maarek Stele, all 4 of the shuttles were destroyed.


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