"If I get an execution order, I always sign it. Better a wrong man dead than a traitor left alive, right?"

Tyrak, codename Golden by the Republic Strategic Information Service, was a Human male who held the rank of a Moff in the army and commander of the 63rd Armored Infantry Division of the reconstituted Sith Empire during the Cold War with the Galactic Republic.[1]


Tyrak was responsible for demise of the Mandalorian Clan Spar, signing the execution order without even reading it. The sole survivor Akaavi Spar vowed to track him down and exact her revenge. In 3642 BBY, Tyrak was working with the resistance on the planet of Balmorra against the Empire's interests and planning to defect. He was operating as a double-agent, and supplied information to the Galactic Republic about Project Nebula while it was in Imperial hands. His contact in the Republic base was Commander Numen Brock. At some point, he left an information package about a Project Nebula's shipment's location in Okara Droid Factory for the smuggler known as Voidhound to retrieve. When his cover was blown, he requested extraction from the Nebula research base, but it was denied to him until the Nebula weapons were fully retrieved. He accompanied Voidhound to the Balmorran Arms Factory, where he provided access codes to the weapon, before being confronted by Akaavi Spar, who demanded her revenge.[1]


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