The Tyranny was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer stationed at Fresia.


During the First Battle of Kuat, the ship was lured from Fresia to Kuat Drive Yards by Captain Raymus Antilles and four Corellian Corvettes. The ship was in the service of Lord Vader at the time, who personally stationed it above Fresia to prevent Rebel forces from reaching the planet's surface since he suspected that the Alliance was plotting to steal X-wing starfighter prototypes due to the upcoming Incom "nationalization" ceremony. The Tyranny's captain specified it as an "Imperial Security Assignment." Before departing from Fresia in response to Kuat Drive Yard's distress signal, it took the precaution of deploying sensor drones, locking down Fresia in an attempt to preempt any Rebel attack. After Antilles and his task force destroyed two of its turbolaser batteries and the tractor beam emmitter just before retreating, the Tyranny was forced to remain at Kuat Drive Yards for repairs.


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