The Tyrena cantina was a cantina in the city of Tyrena on the planet Corellia.


The Tyrena cantina followed a floorplan extremely similar to other cantinas on several planets throughout the galaxy, which was most likely a prefabricated design. It had several alcoves surrounding a central bar, with a single bartender on duty at all times. The front and rear entrances were equipped with EPT-212 droid detectors and seating was plentiful.


During the Galactic Civil War, the Tyrena cantina was hospitable to the Rebellion and various criminal elements. Shalera the Hutt spent most of her time there, as did several of her underlings. Despite these fringe elements, several CorSec members were also usually present.

Individuals present in 1.5-3 ABYEdit

Individuals loitering outside in 1.5-3 ABYEdit


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