Tyro Viveca was a Krish business magnate who lived in a large luxurious estate in the coastal town of Palisade, on the planet Kabal.


In 0 ABY, Viveca was offered the chance to buy a stolen Hapan Gun of Command from Cecil Noone, a renowned Human thief. Viveca, however, had no intention of paying Noone's asking price, instead making a counteroffer. In exchange for the weapon, Noone would be allowed to make his escape through Viveca's hunting grounds, with Viveca hunting him with the Hapan weapon. Noone was rescued from one of Viveca's many traps by his comrades once they realized the deal had most likely gone awry. They left a bomb in Noone's place, which vaporized the Krish.

Personality and traitsEdit

Known as somewhat of an eccentric, Viveca was a skilled hunter. He had no qualms with hunting down and killing other sentient species, such as Lamproids and Humans, and had gone so far as to have the corpse of one Lamproid victim turned into a stuffed trophy. He enjoyed dun brandy.



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