Tythan Phomm was a Human male living during the Cold War between the Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. At one point, he was captured by Morgukai warriors and used as bait to lure in a female Jedi. The Morgukai was a cult of Force-resistant Nikto warriors who trained recruits to attack Republic targets. After defeating the Jedi, the Nikto let Phomm go, and he would harbor a grudge agaist them for years to come. In 3643 BBY Phomm resided on Nar Shaddaa and discovered the Morgukai have set up the Morgukai temple in the area. He hired a Republic hero to attack the Morgukai, expecting them to fall in battle and satisfy the Morgukai bloodlust, but instead the hero surviced the ordeal and crippled their entire operation.