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Tzidik Wrantojo
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Archae Teuthis[1]

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Rise of the Empire era[1]

"Put a hovercam in front of any being, and they'll claim racer safety is important, but everyone knows that it's the danger, death and massive explosions that fill the seats. Safety doesn't sell. You don't see the babies from the Pouffra Circuit on the cover of Podracing Quarterly."
―Tzidik Wrantojo[src]

Tzidik Wrantojo was a Sulituan from the planet Archae Teuthis who performed as a professional Podracer pilot during 24 BBY. Racing in a Wellos and Allos 825 Podracer, he became quite succesful on the Nightlands racetrack located on the dark side of planet Ryloth, becoming a particular favorite of the Twi'leks that lived there. He participated primarily in the Hutt Championships, racing across worlds such as Tatooine, Mon Calamari, and Gamorr. During 22 BBY, Podracing was garnering negative attention after a number of under-handed events occurred that were connected to Podracing, prompting the HoloNet News to interview Wrantojo, looking for his stance on racer safety and the sport's popularity.


Born on the planet of Archae Teuthis, Tzidik Wrantojo was a Sulituan male who looked to a daring life of speed and hazard. Leaving his homeworld, Wrantojo honed his piloting skills in the sport of Podracing, entering the sport sometime before 24 BBY. Piloting a Wellos and Allos 825 Podracer, Wrantojo surprised the sport with his vehicle's incredible speed and handling, eventually clamoring to the top of the charts as a magnetic presence on the course that drew crowds. However, despite his vehicle's performance and his early successes, he realized that the thing that brought most of the sport's crowd to the stands were the spectacular explosions and crashes that appeared quite often during a race. Still, Wrantojo worked hard, eventually becoming the track favorite of the Nightlands racecourse located on the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth, a course that was a part of the Hutt Championships. Wrantojo, as such stuck mostly to the Hutt Championships, a set of five course strung about the Outer Rim Territories.

An enigmatic presence on the course, Wrantojo carried a number of records throughout the Hutt Championships. The circuit began on the planet of Sullust on the track Serres Sarrano, located in the city of Serres Sarrano. Here, Wrantojo held the top speed records for both best lap and best three lap race.

Behind the scenesEdit

Wrantojo's voice was provided by Gregg Berger.

The name Tzidik Wrantojo is an anagram for Jordan Itkowitz, lead game designer on Star Wars Racer: Revenge, who also named all of the 6 new characters (and their planets, species and podracers) for the game.

The planet Archae Teuthis refers to Archaeteuthis Dux, otherwise known as the giant squid.

The species name Sulituan is 'nautilus' spelled backwards.

The Wellos & Allos 825, Wrantojo's podracer, is a backwards reference to "Solla Sollew" from the Dr. Seuss book "I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew."



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