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"Kill them!"
―Osia, ordering U and G to attack the Heroes of Cularin[src]

U was a male Caarite who served the Metatheran Cartel during the time of the Clone Wars. He worked in a secret Cartel base on the moon Tilnes in the Cularin system and was present in the facility when the Believers, a Sith cult that operated in the system, released an experimental anti-Caarite virus into the base in about 21 BBY. The virus killed all of the Caarites in the facility with the exception of U and his fellow Cartel members, G and Ko Bas, who were mutated by the virus and transformed into raging killers. The facility's security system went offline, and as a result, the Believers, Aris and Osia, became trapped inside the base, and U and G subsequently encountered the pair inside the base's security office. However, the two Believers used the Force to affect the minds of U and G and keep the two Caarites at bay. A short time later, the Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelance agents that operated in the Cularin system, were sent to investigate the Cartel base, and shortly after the agents had entered the facility, U ran into a series of plugs, which caused the base's security to re-activate. The freelance agents then encountered U, G, and the two Believers, and Osia ordered the mutated Caarites to attack the agents. The two Caarites and the Believer pair engaged the agents in combat and the agents eventually defeated them.


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