The U-33 orbital loadlifter, also known as a U-33 orbital space boat, was a transport considered outdated by the time of the Galactic Civil War. A number of Imperial pilots, including Han Solo, gained experience in U-33 loadlifters during their training at the Imperial Academy.


The standard U-33 was a durable sublight-speed transport used to shuttle personnel and equipment between planetary spaceports and orbital space stations. It had inverted wings and was equippd with a four-stage primary thrust sequence. This model was known to have problems with its reservoir-locking mechanisms, which often stuck in one position and stopped the landing gear from fully extending or retracting.


Though replaced by newer models by the time of the New Order, U-33s could still be found in operation on outlying worlds during the Civil War. Several orbital loadlifters were used for training purposes at the Imperial Academy.

Han Solo's training officer at the Academy taught his students how to successfully land a U-33 loadlifter during exercises. Alexsandr Badure had rigged one U-33 to all but self-destruct, and during Han's attempt, the loadlifter experienced major problems. Despite this, Han managed to bring the vessel to a perfect landing, though he scared his instructor almost to death in the process. For this amazing feat of piloting skill, Han earned the nickname 'Slick'.



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