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The U-55 orbital loadlifter, also known as U-55 loadlifter and, informally, as a lifeboat, was a type of transport manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems. It was used by the Resistance during its conflict with the First Order.


The U-55 loadlifters were built by Sienar Fleet Systems.[1] During the First Order–Resistance war, many of the craft used by the Resistance were equipped with cloaking systems.[3] The system was developed by the technician Rose Tico using a computer system to baffle their energy signals.[1]


The Resistance used the loadlifters to evacuate the base on D'Qar,[3] earning the moniker "lifeboat".[1] During the attack on the Resistance fleet, the transports were used to evacuate the ships that ran out of fuel, such as the Ninka and the Anodyne. Thirty of the U-55 transports were used to evacuate the Raddus, however only a small number of transports made it to Crait. The rest were abandoned when the remaining survivors fled aboard the Millennium Falcon.[3]

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