"Goodness gracious me…"
―U-THR in times of trouble[src]

U-THR, also known as Uthre, was a protocol droid owned by a free-trader named Crimson. A 3PO Human-cyborg relations protocol droid, U-THR was of a slightly more bulky build than the standard 3PO model. It had the prissy character traits that were typical of 3PO droids.

U-THR served aboard Crimson's freighter, the Starlight Red, where he kept track of the ship's sensors. Although finding Crimson a bit too talkative, U-THR was loyal to her and would do anything within his programming to serve her.

When Crimson was arrested by Imperial authorities on Byblos, Uthre took it upon himself to liberate her. Having found out that Crimson was held prisoner in Byblos Tower 214, Uthre devised a plan to free her. While the nature of the plan is not certain, it may have involved either a binary loadlifter or an angry Rodian entering the Imperial Customs office to create a diversion.

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