"We have acquired five warships which shall rain destruction on Ubertica–then we will personally land and finish off the survivors one by one to forever erase their memory from this universe."

Ubertica was a planet located within the Ubertica system of the Mid Rim. While habitable, it had a relatively low level of atmospheric oxygen.


Ubertica was settled by Ubese refugees after the destruction of Uba III. The Ubese who lived here were called "yrak pootczk Ubese" by their cousins in the Uba system, a phrase implying cowardice and impure parentage.

Many of Ubertica's settlements were bombarded and destroyed by the forces of the Ubese warlord Savax during the Strike against Ubertica circa 3 ABY. Only the intervention of Imperial forces stopped Savax's forces from completing the bombardment, landing on the planet to kill all the survivors, and continuing to attack other planets in the sector.



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