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The Ubiqtorate station orbiting Yaga Minor was an archive of information for the Galactic Empire, and later the Imperial Remnant.


In 19 ABY, it was targeted by New Republic General Garm Bel Iblis, who led a raid on the station to secure a copy of the Caamas Document. While the Battle of Yaga Minor did not lead to an unaltered copy of the document being recovered by the New Republic, the intervention of Talon Karrde and Admiral Gilad Pellaeon at the end of the battle exposed the three conspirators (Major Grodin Tierce, Moff Vilim Disra, and the con-artist Flim) who had seized power in the Imperial Remnant in order to enrich themselves and prolong the Galactic Civil War. The battle, along with a battle at Bothawui, thus marked the end of the war.

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