The Ubrikkian star yacht was a sleek light cruiser produced by Ubrikkian Industries. Built for quick getaways, the yacht came equipped with a hyperdrive, yet carried no weapons, apart from two concealed proton torpedo shafts.

The Slams, a gang from Mamendin led by Roper Slam, owned and traversed their corner of the galaxy in a Ubrikkian star yacht, before their arrest in 24 BBY. The Slams had heavily modified the cruiser with a large number of compartments, hidden within various deck platings of the ship, in which they stored their illegal contraband.

The Jedi Order later picked up the Slams' star yacht from the Greylands Security Complex's Confiscation Station and used it, by sending in a Jedi team to impersonate the Slams, to track down the deranged and dangerous scientist Jenna Zan Arbor.