«I'll remember your face! I'll be waiting»
―Ughok Snorg[src]

Ughok Snorg was a loyal, loutish, dull-witted male Gamorrean with dark green skin, black eyes and numerous scars on his face from knife and blaster wounds.


Ughok was an enforcer who was enslaved by Valis Lorn's criminal cartel on Andasala and was charged with maintaining economic and political stability in the Ranis quarter. In this capacity he oversaw many rackets and other criminal activities on Andasala. He had a reputation for brutality and was said to intensely enjoy his work. He favored using a pair of Gamorrean dueling knives at close quarters.

He was wanted by New Republic authorities (TracSheet number: 87332722-SVWU-12339) for multiple counts of assault, assault with the intent to kill, criminal conspiracy, breaking-and-entering, and theft.


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