Uhuru was an Imperial BFF-1 bulk freighter bearing supplies as part of a larger convoy that gathered near Orron III en route to the soon-to-be-finished Death Star I. The convoy was due to rendezvous with the freighter Toral which was attacked on the way by Rebel forces. Learning of the rendezvous location from the Toral, the Rebels dispatched Y-wings from Red and Gold squadrons, along with a X-wing from Blue Squadron to destroy the convoy.

Despite heavy resistance from the escorting Assault Gunboats, the Uhuru, along with the rest of the convoy, was destroyed by the Rebel ships.

Behind the scenesEdit

Uhuru is a swahili word meaning 'freedom'. The name could be a pun on Uhura, a character from Star Trek. Uhuru was also a satellite of the early '70s.