Uj'ayl was a sticky, sweet Mandalorian syrup.[1] Used in Mandalorian cooking,[2] the scented uj'ayl syrup was most commonly used as an ingredient in the creation of uj'alayi, a flat, dense cake.[3]

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Uj'ayl was first introduced to Star Wars canon in the 2006 Star Wars Insider article, The Mandalorians: People and Culture, by Karen Traviss. It was later mentioned in Traviss' 2008 entry into the multi-author Legacy of the Force novel series, Legacy of the Force: Revelation.

The Star Wars Insider article featured the Mandalorian syrup as "uj'jayl", with two instances of the letter J. However, the Mando'a dictionary provided by Karen Traviss on her website uses the spelling "uj'ayl", with only a single J. Due to a similar change in spelling involving ne'tra gal, and the fact that the latest iteration of the Mando'a dictionary is the most recent source, this article makes use of the second spelling.



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